Death Album Cover I remember seeing this New York Times article years ago about the Detroit band, Death, but I have just finished watching the documentary about them and it was so inspiring and so moving I just had to jump online and talk about it. ‘A Band Called Death’ is the story of the band, formed by three brothers in 1973, and their attempts at getting signed and the rejection that followed mostly due to their name. The rejection may also have been due to the fact that they were playing punk rock before punk rock was even a thing and maybe the world just wasn’t ready for them yet. Regardless, the story of these brothers and their love, loyalty to each other and commitment to music is a story worth hearing. I love that there are families like the Hackneys out there, I love that the music they wrote so long ago is now being heard, shared and loved and I love that they get to tell their story. Rock on, Death!  –S.

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