This charming Lego stop motion animation, made by my friend Gabe Jensen and his daughter, totally made my morning! Not bad for a video that’s under a minute long! Check it out and if you like it as much as I do, give it a thumbs up!  –S.


My pal Sven Eberlein recently reviewed Jeremy Irons’ new eye opening documentary film, Trashed. Ever since humans have been around we’ve been creating waste. Over the years, however, we’ve started creating waste that won’t break down. In an attempt to get rid of mounds of garbage and debris, some communities are turning their trash into dioxin, one seriously toxic chemical: “The ingenuity with which technologically advanced Western societies have attempted to get their over-consumption out of sight is on full display in {Read More}


I have briefly mentioned that my friend, Mosa, hosts regular MothUP story parties in her living room. What I didn’t mention is what an amazing hostess Mosa is. Each and every time I’ve been to one of her story telling parties, there has been a different kind of cocktail and there’s always a wonderful spread of dips and hors d’oeuvres, and usually something with lots of cheese and some sort of sweet treat like homemade red velvet mini cupcakes. It’s a wonder any {Read More}