Don McVey
My brother and I have known Don since we were wee bairns, back in Scotland. The two of them worked at the same company Amsterdam in the early 2000's and I got the opportunity to visit. The best part of my trip was Don and his friend leading me back to my brother's flat on bicycles. Riding bikes over the canals and cobblestones at night was awesome,  I hope to do it again some day.

When he’s not being a father to his adorable baby girl, Iona, or a husband to his lovely wife, Tammy, Don is busy making video magic like this beautiful clip he made near his home in London.

Don has done work for and with the likes of Sony, EMI, Universal Records, Yahoo!, Lily Allen, Keane, Ne-Yo, Jonathan Haselden and Virgin. Here's some more of his work. 
I'm definitely a fan and I'm looking forward to seeing what else Don has in store for us. Cheers, Don!   –S.

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