You may remember that last year I backed two different Kickstarter projects. Well I got my swag and because of the success of both campaigns, backers received lots of extra add-on goodies to sweeten the deal. Let’s take a look!
Dylan Meconis Kickstarter goodies
Ooh! Glossy!
We’ll start with the Dylan Meconis Library 2012. This is quite a collection! The 13th anniversary edition of her graphic novel, Bite Me! looks gorgeous with the selective gloss. Apparently there was some sort of misprint and Dylan has had to use her own cash to get the books reprinted so some people haven't gotten theirs yet, but those of us who did will be getting a corrected copy. What a classy lady! 

The Outfoxed comic is beautifully printed in the colors that you see on the cover, it’s a really nicely done comic. Danse Macabre 2.0 is a small hardcover book that also has some of the selective gloss on the cover. It features different members of the human race getting jiggy with death. Some of my favorites are the Boomers, the Hipsters and of course Dylan's self portrait of herself as the Cartoonist. 

Skullhouettes © Dylan Meconis 2012
Also included in the level that I pledged at were three 4" x 6" miniature art prints, one commemorating each book. They're beautifully printed with a soft matte finish, perfect for popping into some frames. 

The bonus goodies included offset-printed version of Dylan's  popular prints "Skullhouettes" for people that pledged to get a copy of Danse Macabre 2.0 and a round fox faced patch for folks who pledged to receive a copy of Outfoxed. Dylan also included a lovely little 'Thank You' card for supporting the fund. 

Next! We have Curiosities by Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying.
‘Curiosities’ Kickstarter goodies
They signed each one, classy!
Curiosities is gorgeously hardbound with gold foil lettering on the fire engine red binding and thick, richly colored pages. As the funding passed the goal markers, Mike and Victoria set the bar a little higher for the book options and what they ended up with is very high quality indeed. 

Balsa wood bookmark!
The level that I pledged at also includes an educational e-book about their process, a video photoshop tutorial on some of the techniques they used as well as a set of Photoshop brushes. It looks like the digital packages will be going out in the next month or so. 

The extra goodies that came along in my package included a balsa wood bookmark, two stickers, three postcards and an 8.5" x 11" mini poster. 

I think the Kickstarter platform is pretty great. I know there have been some situations where people have felt ripped off, for instance the situation with Animal Collective’s Josh Dibb and with Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter to fund her solo album and tour (two situations that I think are very different and probably shouldn't be lumped together like that), but I would imagine most Kickstarter projects that get funded probably work out well.  I think the best way to go about it is: having a well thought out, realistic goal, figuring out your budget and costs ahead of time, not making promises you can't or don't intend to keep and keeping your backers informed about what they can expect and when and being honest about any delays or mix ups. 

I feel good about having backed these two projects and I look forward to backing more to come and who knows? Maybe one day I'll be asking for backers for a Kickstarter of my own.  –S.

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