On Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing King Krule play at the Independent in SF with my bestie. I have to be honest, I wasn’t actually expecting that level of musicianship so I was pretty blown away when these kids got going. They came out on stage and they looked so young and fresh faced, but they played and conducted themselves like old pros that have been doing this for years. I generally don’t like to pull my phone out during shows but I wanted to snap one pic to go along with my post and to text Dave that “these kids are killin it!”
King Krule @ The Independent SF

Archy Marshall on guitar and vocals & James Wilson on bass

Here’s a video from the show of the song “The Noose of Jah City”

Archy introduces each band member in this clip too: James Wilson on bass, Jack Towell on guitar and George Bass on drums. King Krule was supported by Matt Fishbeck’s band, Holy Shit. On the way out we heard someone say “That little ginger could sing! Rick Astley, anyone?” What a treat that show was! I’ll be looking out for them the next time they come around. Were you at the show too, or perhaps the show on Tuesday night? Let me know!  –S.


  1. Dave the Boyfriend says:

    I like the groove. Wish I could understand the singing!

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