I’m not a fan of Yahoo! News in general, but this article about Sir Patrick Stewart speaking out about violence against women made me very happy when I read it this morning! On Friday morning, Stewart hosted the launch of “Ring the Bell,” a global campaign that aims to urge men to step up and take action to end violence against women. Here’s the video of Stewart speaking eloquently and candidly at an Amnesty International event, telling his own story about his experience with domestic violence.
Bravo, Sir! As if he wasn’t already a hit with the ladies! Also, how amazing does he look at 72?! Here’s another article from Kathmandu about the lauch and the success India has had since 2008 with their “Bell Bajao” campaign, the campaign that “Ring the Bell” is based on. I have to say, when I was reading about the recent, horrendous gang rape cases in India, I was so encouraged by the number of Indian men who were out at the protests demanding justice for the victims and pushing for increased safety for women and girls. Here’s one of the “Bell Bajao” ads that came out in 2008.
Way to go, India, on taking your campaign global and making such great strides towards equality. I’d like to urge the men and boys out there that are reading this to take a moment to make a promise and Ring the Bell! Then celebrate your own awesomeness with this fantastic little ditty!  –S.

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