An article (with a slideshow of some of the work!) was recently posted on The Alamedan about ‘The Altered Paintings Project’ show, on now through June 9th at REDUX Studios & Gallery. The write up is by Michael Singman-Aste, a local award winning photographer, curator and blogger. In it we learn how the idea for the show came to be, how Chris Rummell, manager at REDUX acquired the originals and that Chris is thinking about making this a yearly show! I love that idea!I couldn’t help but laugh at Singman-Aste’s description of  the piece I altered by Oscar Tejeda. His use of  the phrase “now-deprecated aesthetic” really tickled me and I told him so. I believe I just referred to it as a turd. That’s why I’m not a writer!  –S.


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the review, and I’m honored to have this blog post punctuated by a GIF from “Yes Man,” one of my favorite flicks!

    • That gif is great. I went into Redux yesterday to pick up my painting and they gave me the other half of the diptych! Apparently it arrived at their shop the day after the show opening.

      Will you be making it out tomorrow night for the Dead Eyes show opening?

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