Tonight was the opening reception of ‘The Altered Paintings Project’ and the turnout was pretty fantastic! So was my beehive!
There were some pretty great pieces in the show and some of them were snatched up in the first hour. There were some rad motifs including unicorns, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, ninjas and swirling masses of garbage in the ocean. A lot of the pieces were done as collage, some were done with pens, others with glitter and some with paint. Some of the original paintings had been completely covered up while others were altered in very small ways. There was live music by local band, the Up and Down and food by the Kitchen of Champions and lots of people checking out art, writing notes on a chalkboard or drawing on a large painting set up so that attendees could participate in the painting altering fun. So here’s my piece, it’s called ‘Pamela Goes Ice Fishin’
Pamela Goes Ice Fishin'
Thanks to those of you who came out to show your support, it was much appreciated! –S.

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