Today I finished the second in a series of art nouveau inspired drawings of the ladies of Star Wars. This drawing is of Queen Amidala wearing the frilly gown from the parade scene in Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
Prints available soon

Art Nouveau Queen Amidala

I was able to add more detail to this drawing than the Leia one since I used the Intuos Cintiq this time around. I also borrowed Tatooine and Polis Massa and the surrounding moons, suns, etc. from the Leia drawing so they may seem familiar. The flowers on either side of her are Millaflowers which are found on the planet, Naboo. Next to the Millaflowers are shuura, Padme’s favorite fruit. The purple bubbles are the seeds of the Bubble Spore plant, also native to Naboo. The large planets from left to right are Naboo, Tatooine, Coruscant, Geonosis, Mustafar and finally Polis Massa, where she gives birth to Luke and Leia. Here are some work in progress images:   And here is a close-up detail of the head dress, which is a tough detail to see in the full image as well as the details on the planets and the moons: Queen Amidala Final JPEG copy   Tomorrow, I’m going to get to work on the legend that will be going along with this drawing, much like the Leia one and once that’s done I’ll be getting some prints made. I’ll be posting an update once they’re available for sale on my Etsy shop. Then, I’ll be starting on the third drawing in the series! Til then!  –S.


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