On Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing King Krule play at the Independent in SF with my bestie. I have to be honest, I wasn’t actually expecting that level of musicianship so I was pretty blown away when these kids got going. They came out on stage and they looked so young and fresh faced, but they played and conducted themselves like old pros that have been doing this for years. I generally don’t like to pull my {Read More}


I love music and one of my favorite things in the world is finding a new band or musician that really shakes me up and makes me excited a little obsessed. My last music obsession was Grimes. Well honestly I’m still not quite over that obsession, but I want to tell you about my latest one. Thanks to my bestie for turning me onto King Krule (aka 18 year old Londoner Archie Marshall) formerly Zoo Kid is a singer/songwriter with {Read More}