I just saw this article on and decided that I might just have to make “Men Behaving Radly!” a reoccurring blog topic. Mike Mika posted a video of his hacked version of Donkey Kong, wherein he changed the roles of the male and female characters, Mario and Pauline. Instead of Pauline being the damsel in distress, Mika hacked the ROM so that his 3 year old daughter could play as Pauline, the hero. The article says that: {Read More}


I’m not a fan of Yahoo! News in general, but this article about Sir Patrick Stewart speaking out about violence against women made me very happy when I read it this morning! On Friday morning, Stewart hosted the launch of “Ring the Bell,” a global campaign that aims to urge men to step up and take action to end violence against women. Here’s the video of Stewart speaking eloquently and candidly at an Amnesty International event, telling his own story about {Read More}